Hey! My name is Brittany Gabrielle. I’m 27 years old. I’m originally from Michigan, but I’ve lived in DC/Maryland for the last 10 years. I went to Howard University in 2007 and never really left the area after graduation.

I love dressing up and going out to bars and restaurants with my friends and coworkers. I love being active and healthy; working out in the gym, hiking, jogging/running, ect. I equally enjoy binge watching reality TV all day, and eating junk food in my pajamas.┬áDespite my degree in Psychology, I have a passion for event planning and design, and love being able to be creative and imaginative. (I’m a Gemini, so the┬ádichotomy in my personality is natural haha!)

My son’s name is Julian, and he is a perfect baby. I’m not saying he’s perfect because he’s mine, I’m saying it because he is! Being his mommy has already been the most rewarding experience. Watching this little boy grow and discover his world a little more each day, is absolutely amazing. Every day is an adventure.