The day I had a human

Having a child is the most incredible, amazing experience. When it’s all said and done, you feel like super woman because you grew and gave birth to a little human! It is truly the most beautiful thing the human body can do. With that being said no one really cares about your birth story unless they are pregnant.

But since I am still on a Super Woman high, I am going to tell you my birth story!

At 12:00 AM on 1/7/17, I woke up to use the bathroom, as per usual, and immediately fell back to sleep. 25 min later, I felt like I needed to poop. I sat up on the side of the bed, because at 36 weeks pregnant, no one is hopping up out of bed, and slowly stood up. When I stood up liquid gushed down my leg. I immediately froze; I was pretty sure I didn’t just pee on myself. I yelled out to my sleeping boyfriend that I think my water just broke. He sleepily replied “Omfg, are you serious?”

I contacted the doctor on call and she told me to put on a pad and come in in an hour .if there was any more moisture. After hanging up from her, I called my mom; who  called my sister (my family is in Michigan), made myself a bagel and cream cheese, and we got dressed to go into the hospital. I wasn’t in any pain, (I just felt like I had to poop on and off) so I figured it was a false alarm. Only 4 hours prior, I was at my friend’s house and I felt absolutely fine!

The entire drive to the hospital, I was in denial. When we got there, my boyfriend looked around and said “Are you taking this all in? This might be the day he is born!” I rolled my eyes and proceeded to check in both at the desk and on Facebook:”Brittany Gabrielle just checked in at Holy Cross Hospital at 3 AM” I had to send out the bat signal just in case it was time. They called me back and checked to see if my water actually broke. The nurse took one look and said “Oh you’re definitely ruptured and about 1 cm dilated.” I looked over at my boyfriend and said “OMG. This shit is happening!” We immediately contacted our family and friends. As the wheeled me back to labor and delivery, I told the nurse “I hope my family can get here from Michigan before the baby is born, it’s an 8 hour drive” The nurse laughed at me and said “This must be your first child, it can take 8 hours to get to 4cm and you have to get to 10cm.”

At 4 AM I was induced. Since I wasn’t in active labor, and my water broke, they used pitocin to induce my labor. The contractions started rolling in. Pitocin literally takes you from 0 to 100. They were very bearable at first; Similar to a menstrual cramp and they lasted about 10-20 seconds each and were about 5 min apart. I never took a Lamaze class or any type of birthing class while pregnant, I just watched videos on YouTube to learn breathing techniques. As time went on, the contractions became more rhythmic and intense.  At 10 AM, my doctor came in to check how I was coming along. I was at 4cm, and the contractions were really beginning to become more painful. Not to mention, I was HUNGRY. Once you get to the hospital, there is no eating. I highly suggest you eat a decent meal before going in (not too heavy though, no one wants to poop while giving birth).

Due to a back surgery I had when I was 12, I was not able to get an Epidural and I was scared to say the least. I contemplated getting a C-section originally because I was so nervous about natural child birth considering I was 10lbs 15oz at birth!  I continued my YouTube breathing techniques, repeating my son’s full name on each inhale and exhale as a reminder of why I was going through this pain. About 30 min after the doctor left the room, I asked for Stadol, a pain med administered through the IV. It doesn’t numb the pain like an epidural will, but it takes the edge off for 2 hours and would allow me to try to get some rest. Seconds after the nurse gave me the meds, I immediately felt the affects. I felt drunk or high. My face felt very heavy and itchy, and I quickly fell into a drug induced light slumber.

Around 12:30 the drugs started to wear off, and the contractions were INTENSE. My sister text me to let me know they were about 2 hours away. I told her I would try to keep him in but the way these contractions were rolling in…OMG. With each contraction, I started to push because it felt like the only thing that would relieve this pain. I was crying in pain, but I continued to just breathe through it. One contraction at a time. Each one was a moment closer to meeting my little man. About 20 minutes later, my doctor came in to check me again. She took one look and said “Oh it’s time to push! Dad come grab her leg.” My boyfriend came over and she had me do two “practice” pushes, then they started breaking down the bed for his arrival.

OMG this is happening. It was time. I got really quiet in an attempt to focus myself to have this baby. My boyfriend leaned over and says “Is this the calm before the storm?” I opened my eyes and snapped “Shut the fuck up!” My doctor and nurse laughed and apologized on behalf of me, explaining that I’m not “the same mama right now.” Once they were all set up, my doctor instructed me to push as soon as I felt a contraction. I did. I wanted to scream out in pain, but instead I just put my chin in my chest and focused all my energy on pushing that baby out. After a 10 count, I took a deep breath, and pushed again.  My boyfriend, who didn’t want to watch the birth, was holding my thigh and cheering me on. Reassuring me his head was almost out and I was doing a great job. I took another deep breath and pushed through the burning pain. It felt like i was pushing glass out of my vagina. 2 pushes later, at 1:17pm on 1/7/17, my baby boy was born. I had just had a human, and I could not wait to hold him. My boyfriend cut the umbilical cord and he was immediately handed to me for skin to skin. I have honestly never felt a love as sudden and strong as the love I have for my son. Truly the definition of love at first sight!

While I was holding him, my doctor took it upon herself to reach up and grab my placenta. Shocked, I screamed “Oh shit!”, but it was over before I even realized what she was doing. She pushed down on my stomach and checked to see if I needed any stitches. I was good to go! No tearing or issues!  I held my baby boy for about 30 minutes before they took him to clean him up and weigh him. My little baby was born at 6lbs .08oz and was 19 1/2 inches long of pure perfection.He was born at 36 weeks, and I am thankful that he came when he did. I couldn’t imagine pushing out a baby any bigger than him naturally.

My family walked in the door about an hour after he was born. And to think,the nurse laughed at me when I expressed concern about them making it in time. While we waited for a maternity suite, because apparently labor and delivery was packed, my family loved up on my beautiful baby boy. For having just had a baby I felt pretty good! Its amazing how quickly you feel “normal” after having a baby. The moment he was in my arms, all the pain I had just felt immediately disappeared. My doctor came back in to check on me. She congratulated me and added that I did better than most women who have an epidural and she was so proud of me. I was also proud of myself. After 9 months of pregnancy and 9 hours of labor, I made a human, and he is PERFECT!



4 thoughts on “The day I had a human

  1. You are awesome girl! lol Birth, no matter how you get that baby out is truly remarkable! A water birth sounds pretty cool I’m not going to lie! lol maybe next time… Pitocin wasn’t fun at all, but it was only 9 hours beginning to end. A work shift lol


  2. The fact that our bodies are made perfectly to make a tiny little person, then feed and care for that person after birth is so complex and beautiful that it blows my mind. Even more so now that I am a mom myself. Congrats girl!!!

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