Sleep Deprivation, Breast feeding, Golden Showers, Phantom Cries, Milestones, Changing Diapers, Unconditional Love…On 1/7/17 my life, as I knew it, changed. I went from being your average 20 something to becoming a mommy. Everyday is a new adventure for the both of us. I’m just as new to being a parent, as he is to this world. As he discovers his hands and feet, I am figuring out insurance forms and breast pumps.

I Know, you’re probably thinking “ugh, another mommy blog.” And that’s exactly what it is! Haha! But really, no one teaches you how to be a parent. There’s no text book or parenting bible. Your high school health class that made you carry around a doll was really a birth control method, not a class in parenting. I am sharing my every day experiences to help me grow and learn as a mother, and I’m sure vent from time to time. I hope that by doing so I can share some of the things that first time mother’s aren’t  prepared for, like child birth and breastfeeding.

It takes a village to raise a child. Whether you’re pregnant with a question, a first time mommy with a similar experience, an OG mommy with some advice, or none of the above; we can build a village of knowledge to help us all grow as parents and people.